To the congressional progressive caucus

The Democratic Party is still far to the right compare to the conservative parties of most civilized countries.

    I do not want affordable health care, I want to pay a fair premium to the government and get the care free.
    Bring the standards of education up to par with the International Baccalaureate.
    Revamp the economy by taking the load of healthcare of the shoulders of employers; revamp the real estate market by taking medical bills out of home buyer’s credit scores. Pay for it by ending not just the war in Iraq, but the war against drugs. 
    Abolish mandatory minimum sentences
    Raise the minimum wage for adults to a living wage.
    Make civil unions the only legally recognize domestic partnership for everyone, the sanctity of marriage makes it incompatible with the first amendment.


  1. Hi Pitchforks, Explain the incompatibility of the sanctity of marriage , with the First amendment.

  2. Separation of state and church, does the word "sanctity" fit anywhere in the legal system?


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