The Way We Are Going the Very Few Will Own a Country Not Worth Having.

To be honest, I am pretty discouraged. The reasonable American people are the silent majority; the upward redistribution of wealth may have hit the tilting point of no return, a few all too powerful, the rest to stressed, tired, scared and powerless. We protect Social security and Medicare while we take money away from schools and fight against healthcare for the young unless they are in jail, and way too many are. It is all too immoral, there are a handful of good guys, but Barnie Sanders, Soros, Feingold, Grayson and Kucinich are not enough on their own, we need a leader, and TV station to rally the troops. When Obama blames the message, and he is the messenger, he is saying he cannot lead, and sadly, he is right.
The marginal tax rate during Truman was 92%, 91% during Kennedy and so on, when Reagan took office it was 70%, 28% when he left. We have not build a dam, an airport, a bridge since. 4% raise is a joke to begin with, how about people who make 10000000? a billion? It is time for a Marshall plan for America.
Who will the rich sell their goods to? How are their employees going to get to work?
The way we are going the very few will own a country not worth having.
Mr. President, if you cave on this "change we can believe in" will be the joke that will define your legacy.


  1. Excellent comment. I could not have expressed. Over 35 years ago this this nation sent me to kill communist who wanted to be like us and have their own in dependent nation of Viet Nam free of European Capitalism and Chinese Communism. With cruelty and ignorance we tried to kill them into American style democracy. We are doing it again in Iraq and Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the rich do not want to pay their fair share. If we don't bring some true sense of socialism and justice back home, Teri is right, there will be no living here. Capitalism is killing itself and eats its young.


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