Democratic congresswoman shot, judge killed. First amendment or conspiracy to commit murder?

"Only the good die young” because only the bad guys do the killing. Now, the hell with bipartisan bull, the history of assassinations in this country is hardly bipartisan, with the exception of Meir Kahane, all victims have been liberals, all murderers have been right wing haters. Now, could someone please explain to me the legal difference between Charles Manson and Glen Beck and company? Inciting to commit murder is NOT protected speech, Hitler didn't kill anyone with his own hands either, but hate speech, together with second amendment remedies rants and fear mongering make a deadly cocktail, anyone, not in the airwaves, would be prosecuted for plotting this; when you add the fact that the judge's home address was made public domain, just like Dr. Tiller's was, the intent is clear. It is time to shut them up.   

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