Celebrate Workers, End the 15% Passive Income Tax Rate

Warren Buffet's commented that his secretary paid more taxes than he did. And this is how this came to be:
We have a somewhat progressive tax chart, the more you make, the higher your bracket is. Now, that is only true for people who make just enough to live on, but for those rich enough to make most of their money from interests or stock investments, that is just not true. The tax rate for capital gains is a flat 15%.
So as the argument over a tax increase for the rich progresses the main point and main source of revenue is not even up for discussion: millionaires will mostly still pay less than you and me: 15%
This was not alway the case, it is part of the new reversed redistribution of wealth of the last 30 years. Since most people do not have the luxury of making a living by letting their money get up early in the morning and go to work instead of doing the work themselves, this huge inequality has largely gone unchallenged except for Sen, Sanders.
It is time to do just that, at least make this part of the conversation.
I propose that we celebrate workers by bringing the passive income tax rate of 15% to the same rate as income for actual work. If Bill Gates retired tomorrow and turn all of his net worth into CD accounts, he would earn about $ a year in interest, (yes 80 million). He would pay capital gain taxes at a 15% rate, half as most middle class families. That is it sound fair to you?
Please pledge to send this to at least one of your representatives, the White House and share with your friends.

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